GL299D GL296A GL293A
Guizhou Tyre makes the transportation on wheels safer!
The new crown design greatly enhances the puncture resistance of the tire and effectively improves the safety of the tire; The new tread upper layer formula makes the tires have superior wear resistance; The improved bead toe design reflects the excellent bead durability; Pattern deepening gives the tire a longer service life; The optimized design of the groove ensures the wet slip resistance of the tire.
  • Pattern Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Type Section Width (mm) Overall Diam. (mm) Infl. (psi) Max. Load (kg) Design Rim Width Tyre Valve Tread Depth(mm)
  • GL283A 11.00R20 18 S152/D149 J TT 293 1085 135 S3550/D3250 8.00 DG09C 16.0