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Sixty years to forge ahead for a new era and create brilliant future

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On December 21, 2018, the 2019 sales conference of strategically Tyre Co., ltd. with the theme of "60 years to forge ahead for a new era to create brilliance" was held in xishuangbanna, a major natural rubber producing area with the best advantages in China and a charming scenery. Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd., party secretary, Mr Huang Gege Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. General manager Mr Yu-ping he, Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd., chief engineer, Mr Wang hai, Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager zhou Mr Rank army, Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager Mr Wang , Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager Mr Liu, the domestic sales department, technology department, finance department, finished, head of technical service center, and about 300 dealers from all over the country friends gathered in xishuangbanna, back in 2018 fruits of cooperation, seek common development plan in 2019.

We will continue to pursue innovation-driven development and expand the supply of high-quality products and services

2018 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress, as well as the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 60th anniversary of guizhou tire factory. 2018 is a difficult year for the tire industry and dealers. The fluctuation of raw material price, foreign countervalls, stricter environmental protection policies, tighter bank credit, industrial overcapacity, frequent bankruptcy and merger and other difficulties and challenges have brought great market difficulties to tire enterprises and dealers. Guizhou tire is not afraid of difficulties, internal management and technical innovation, external expansion of the market and service improvement; Gather supply service providers, distribution service providers, gather "strength" sincere cooperation, overcome difficulties; Through sales increment, transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment and other policies and guidelines, the tire sales volume in the domestic market increased by more than 39%, tire sales weight and sales revenue increased by more than 45%. Mr. He yuping, general manager of strategically Tyre Co.,Ltd., affirmed at the conference the remarkable sales performance achieved in 2018. He pointed out at the meeting: high quality development is the basic strategy of guizhou tire enterprise development, the current domestic tire industry competition situation is undergoing fundamental transformation; Some tire enterprises are changing from extensive operation of low-end products with low price competition to precise operation such as innovation-driven, structure optimization, green development and brand cultivation. Profound changes are taking place in such concepts as the industry's emphasis on scale and speed over development quality and efficiency, quantity over structural optimization and adjustment, and equipment and hardware investment over soft power improvement. The key of guizhou tire's market operation in 2019 should not only focus on product structure adjustment and sales scale expansion, but also lay a solid foundation for the long-term stability of the market, such as customer confidence, brand cultivation, network expansion, market management and personalized service. The meeting emphasized adhering to the innovation-driven green development concept, carrying forward the "craftsman spirit", further expanding the supply of high-quality products and services, and striving to improve the product competitiveness, cost competitiveness and service competitiveness of guizhou tires.

Let us forge ahead for a new era in the past 60 years

"In 2018, tire companies and dealers faced a difficult living environment in the environment of raw material price fluctuations, foreign countervailing actions, stricter environmental protection policies, tighter bank credit, and industrial overcapacity. Guizhou Tyre worked hard, through the structural adjustment, the transformation and upgrading of incremental sales, solution measures, such as the sales and marketing benefits of double promotion, this is Guizhou Tyre cooperate partners and agents of double harvest "Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager zhou rank army said at the conference, Mr Zhou always made at the conference entitled" sixty years sheer forward to create brilliant new era "of the domestic sales work theme report, summary review of Guizhou Tyre in 2018 sales market development status, analysis of the current tire market demand change and the situation, It has made strategic planning and layout of key sales work such as how to explore new market opportunities through transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment in 2019.

In 2019, the domestic sales replacement market achieves new sales performance and achieves new brilliance.

In 2018, the sales performance of replacement market increased by more than 60% year on year, which was not easy to achieve. Mr. Wang feng, vice general manager of domestic sales department, comprehensively summarized the significant growth of replacement market in 2018, and laid out the market measures to support the continuous incremental sales of agents in 2019. Conference stressed that guizhou tyre in 2019 will continue to perfect the product line, in order to meet the demand as the guidance of the sales model transformation, strengthened the agent and the confidence of the factory cooperation and common development, keep prices stable, pay attention to product quality, improve product performance, actively adjust the structure of sales and sales policy to support the validity of the continued support of guizhou tyre core customer plan, incremental mining 2019 market target, to ensure that domestic sales in 2019 to replace the market hit a new sales.

Brand cultivation strategy is upgraded to continuously improve the core value of guizhou tire brand and products

In consumption upgrades and the great age of the brand economy under the background of Chinese tyres have been global Tyre manufacturer, speeding up the internationalization of China's tire brand, the conference Guizhou Tyre Co., ltd. is the domestic sales department general manager Mr Zhang hao tire marketing and planning in Guizhou, Guizhou Tyre + Internet service platform, market management, Guizhou Tyre enterprise image recognition system and the global website upgrade has carried on the comprehensive summary and work plan for 2019. The meeting stressed that guizhou tyre will be further perfected and sublimate the innovation of marketing management and service mode, integration innovation, form together with customers and assist in guizhou tyre digital marketing, guizhou tyre comply with the demand of the new age of the development of the market, and its various tire brand for the enterprise establish system and effective communication system, to create the best quality for our dealers brand communication and marketing environment.

Service upgrade, continue to improve guizhou tire service competitiveness

Guizhou Tyre Co., ltd. technical service center director Luo Gang conference theme report, along with the market product technology and service innovation, and integration of Guizhou Tyre service competitiveness will continue to improve, Guizhou Tyre in 2019 in addition to the intelligent tire cloud service system of value-added services, to establish and improve the pre-sale, sale, after-sale quick response mechanism of Guizhou Tyre big service process management, and constantly improve to meet user needs of global service system, Guizhou Tyre service will further enhance the market competitiveness, for Guizhou Tyre users provide more value-added services

2019 market kingpin product display and new product release

During the meeting, guizhou tire showed a series of kingpin products of 2019 all-steel truck and bus tires, construction machinery tires, agricultural tires and other market products, and released new products in related markets. The participants showed great interest in the tire products displayed at the meeting, and they took advantage of the meeting time to visit and further understand relevant products.

Dealer representative

At the conference, representatives of agents from guizhou, guangdong and shandong Shared the fruitful results of cooperation with guizhou tire in 2018. They were full of expectation and confidence for the sincere cooperation and achievements in the New Year.

Mr. Tang jiping, chairman of guiyang general motors, gave the speech

Mr. Wang jianying, chairman of guangzhou fanshitong, spoke

Mr. Liu daijun, general manager of jinan taigan made a speech

The awards

The conference successively presented the strategic partner award, the best contribution award, the excellent dealer award and the best progress award to the 73 dealers who won the award. Mr. Huang zhage, party secretary of guizhou tire, and Mr. He yuping, general manager of guizhou tire, respectively awarded prizes to 19 dealers that won the "strategic cooperation and cooperation" award.

Strategic partner

The best contribution

Excellent agent

The best progress

The conference will discuss the new development in 2019 and make a brilliant innovation

Of the agenda in the meeting, the meeting has ended, and formed a consensus agents with guizhou tyre sales team to share the success of 2018 both joy and more clear about the 2019 sales work target and direction, especially the dealer partners also from the perspective of sincere cooperation, win-win cooperation for the development of guizhou tyre provides a lot of good advice, to win the market in the New Year cooperation laid a good foundation. Guizhou tire all agent partners more firmly and guizhou tire hand in hand forward, common development confidence.

New coming in 2019, after 60 years of development, standing at a new historical starting point, guizhou tyre will be adhering to the "create value, return society" of the enterprise mission, is committed to make the wheels on the transportation safer, continue to build at home and abroad two high efficiency and low carbon, green environmental protection, high quality tyre manufacturing base, and partner for the business agent can obtain the good development, in order to realize guizhou tyre "transformation and upgrading, a world-class" development goals, make a positive contribution to the development of China's tire industry!