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The tire aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the height of the tire section to the width of the tire section. The trend in agricultural tires is to reduce the tire aspect ratio.

The tire with a low aspect ratio has a wider tread surface, a higher traction, a higher load, and a lower sidewall height than the tire of the same overall diameter. For the two-wheeled tractor with rear-wheel drive, it is possible to use a tire with low aspect ratio to replace two narrow tires. In actual use, two narrow tires widen the rear axle spacing of the tractor, so the plowing requirement can be satisfied by widening the plow width. A relatively wide plow often leads to an increase in the slippage factor of the tractor or a decrease in the plowing depth. If a narrower plow is used, only three and a half tires contact the ground, resulting in poor efficiency.

Since the tire with low aspect ratio has a wide tread surface, the use of the series of tires should fully consider the farming mode and the overall tractor steering.