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Agricultural radial tire is indispensable part for modern large-scale agricultural machinery. Compared with traditional agricultural bias tire, agricultural radial tire is more conducive to better performance of agricultural machinery and vehicles, for example, providing greater traction performance, and the tractor equipped with agricultural radial tires can travel at 60km/h on the road to achieve high-speed transfer of agricultural machinery between farms.

In addition, it also contributes to vehicle energy conservation and soil protection (compared with traditional agricultural bias tire, the inflation pressure can be reduced by 20 to 30kpa under the same load condition), and the tire slippage is reduced due to the improved traction, thereby saving power oil consumption and reducing tread pattern wear. Therefore, it has been rapidly developed in recent years, and the merchants from all over the world require that the agricultural machinery (large and medium-sized tractors and combine harvesters, etc.) imported from China should be equipped with radial tires. The demand of more radial tire has become an inevitable trend in the development of agricultural tires.

Our company has started to produce 70 specifications for agricultural radial tires. They have be tested in the United Stated and used in China's Xinjiang in China, the United States, Brazil, Poland and other places.