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Guizhou Tyre launched the application for the “First Governor Quality Award”

TIME:20-06-2016 SIZE

On June 3, the Company fully launched the application and selection of the “First Governor Quality Award” in Guizhou Province.

In order to effectively promote this work, the Company established a "Leading Team for First Governor Quality Award" which was headed by General Manager He Yuping and a "Promotion Team for First Governor Quality Award" which was headed by Chief Engineer Wang Hai.

The review activity of the “First Governor Quality Award” was an important work for Guizhou Province to implement the Quality Development Outline (2011-2020) to promote enterprises to enhance their capabilities of independent innovation and excellent quality management, improve core competitiveness, and promote the construction of quality and strong enterprises. The application conditions were strict and the standard was very high. The scope of application was limited to manufacturing enterprises, service enterprises or organizations within the administrative region of Guizhou Province.

The application conditions were as follows: (1) Enterprises and organizations were registered in the administrative region of Guizhou Province, had independent legal person qualification, and had engaged in legal business for more than 3 years; (2) the products met the relevant requirements of national and provincial laws, regulations and policies related to industrial policies, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, production safety, quality, etc., and had relevant qualifications or licenses; (3) the enterprises had established and implemented a high-performance management system, the quality management system was effective, and the continuous improvement effect was remarkable; the quality management work had industrial and enterprise characteristics, and the quality work had achieved remarkable results; (4) the enterprises had excellent business performance and outstanding social contribution; the main economic, technical and quality indicators were in the leading position in the same industry in the first half of the year; for the organizations engaged in non-profit business, their social contribution was at the forefront of the province; (5) the enterprises actively fulfilled social responsibilities, operated the business in good faith according to law, and had a good record of integrity, extensive visibility and social influence. In the past 3 years, there were no major incidents related to quality, safety, environmental pollution, public health and other issues (according to relevant state regulations), no major quality complaints, no serious non-conformance records of national or provincial product quality supervision and random inspection, and no other violations of laws and regulations.

The evaluation and selection of enterprises applying for the “First Governor Quality Award” adhered to the principles of science, fairness, impartiality and openness. The enterprises should submit the application on a voluntary basis in strict accordance with the relevant requirements and procedures. The evaluation and selection were implemented in accordance with the Criteria for Performance Excellence (GB/T19580-2012) and the Guidelines for Implementation of Criteria for Performance Excellence (GB/Z19579-2012).

It was understood that on June 3, the Company has deployed the application work, and the submission of application materials was scheduled to end on June 20. The “Governor Quality Award” was the highest governmental honor in the quality field of Guizhou Province. The Company required that all departments should conscientiously do a good job in propaganda and mobilization, and cooperate with functional departments for the application.

At present, this work was in full progress.