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SANY environmental-friendly intelligent dump trucks equipped with "Advance" tires were launched in Changsha

TIME:22-07-2016 SIZE

The launch ceremony of “Smart City, Green Home” --- SANY Environmental-friendly Intelligent Dump Trucks was held in Changsha on July 8, 2016. It was worth noting that there were 14 trucks equipped with “Advance” tire among the shown SANY environmental-friendly intelligent dump trucks. 

In recent years, green and environmental protection had become the main theme of modern urban development. In response to government orders and the requirements of “Guiyang City Ecological Civilization Construction”, Guizhou Tyre was embarking on the development path of “green tires” with its advanced manufacturing technologies, strong R&D strength and first-class control platform. It not only required improving the tire quality, but also laid emphasis on the "environmental-friendly" performance of the tire. 

The ceremony presented a great “machine show” to more than 400 spectators.  When SANY environmental-friendly intelligent dump trucks equipped with "Advance" tires run to the performance venue with obstacles, several dump trucks performed such tests as positive driving around traffic cones, reversing around traffic cones and running around traffic cones from opposite direction. Their flexible movements perfectly showed the operability and stability of the truck. The acceleration and braking performances were even more exciting. SANY environmental-friendly intelligent dump trucks drove towards the obstacles at high speed and braked in a short distance. With the friction between the tire and the ground, the dump trucks steadily stopped in front of the obstacles. It was a close call. These performances also proved that these tires were safe and reliable. 

Various performances not only showed the high quality of SANY environmental-friendly intelligent dump trucks, but also showed the strong power and high performance of the products of Guizhou Tyre.