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The supporting boiler system for special tire relocation project officially started ignition and furnace drying

TIME:22-04-2016 SIZE

Two 63t/h medium-temperature & medium-pressure circulating fluidized bed boilers were required to be provided according to the requirements of the process design of the special tire project. The public bidding on the boilers was conducted in May 2015. In combination with the overall deployment schedule of the project, the boilers were supplied and installed on site since the end of October of last year. After nearly half a year of construction, boiler proper installation, furnace construction, supporting environmental protection facilities, air and flue gas system and water system had been basically completed. The basic requirements for ignition and furnace drying had been met in mid-April.

At 9:00 am on April 21, ignition and furnace drying were conducted in the second phase of the project of Power Supply Branch in Zhazuo. Yang Li, the General Manager of Power Supply Branch, presided over the ignition ceremony. He emphasized that the ignition and furnace drying of boiler system was an important key node and indicated that the installation of each system had been completed according to the design requirements. After the furnace drying was completed, the boiling-out with low load would be conducted for steam supply. 

When the burning torch was put into the boiler, tumultuous applause followed. Everyone stared at the boiler and sighed, hoping that Guizhou Tyre would develop better like the burning flame.  

It was reported that the capacity of the supporting boiler system for the special tire relocation project was the largest. The maximum evaporation of our company's boiler was only 35t. The capacity of new boiler was 63t, about twice. For boilers, if the capacity of single unit was increased, the thermal efficiency and automation level were also higher, which met the current development trend of high parameters, high capacity and integrated control of boilers.