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CEMEX leaders visit Guihzou Tyre

TIME:22-04-2016 SIZE

On April 11, Masiero·Hitres·Lopez, Global Tire Business Purchasing Specialist of CEMEX Group and Yang Xiaodong, General Representative of Beijing Representative Office of CEMEX Group visited Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd., accompanied by Sun Siguang, a governmental officer. Huang Gege, the Secretary of the Company's Party Committee and Zhou Zhijun, the Assistant General Manager in charge of sales received and accompanied them. 

During the visit, CEMEX Group was mainly looking for a tire company in China that could provide complete solution for tires. In the discussion meeting, Huang Gege introduced the history, production and sales of Guizhou Tyre and the features and application cases of the products, and showed the technical innovation, technical upgrading projects, management systems and employees' mental outlook of Guizhou Tyre through the English video to the visitors. 

After understanding all aspects of Guizhou Tyre, CEMEX representatives introduced the company in PPD. CEMEX Group was a global construction materials company with 47,000 employees and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries around the world, maintaining trade relations with more than 100 countries. Its main products were cement clinker, cement, ready-mixed concrete, and building aggregates. The annual tire cost was $32 million, and CEMEX Group mainly used OTR and TBR tire products. 

In the introduction of Guizhou Tyre, Purchasing Specialist Masiero·Hitres·Lopez communicated and discussed with Huang Gege in terms of product size and technologies. Masiero·Hitres·Lopez stressed that they only made a rough understanding of Guizhou Tyre, and needed to make specific negotiation on the cooperation matters. 

Finally, Huang Gege personally led Purchasing Specialist Masiero·Hitres·Lopez and his team to visit the production site of Radial Tire Branch. At the production site, Huang Gege introduced the work team management, corporate culture, equipment operation and products under production of Guizhou Tyre in English. The representatives of both company exchanged friendly on the production site. The atmosphere of the on-site exchange was very harmonious.

Through the friendly negotiation between the two parties, it was decided that Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. would provide some tires to CEMEX Group for trial operation, and if it was cost-effective, global CEMEX branches would fully promote the products of Guizhou Tyre.