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Make the transportation on wheels safer - Guizhou Tyre's showed its "Star Products" at the exhibition

TIME:23-11-2018 SIZE

ChinaGRTAE officially opened today (May 15) at the Guangrao International Expo Center in Shandong Province. The products of Guizhou Tyre were showed at ChinaGRTAE for the first time.

As a Chinese national brand listed company, Guizhou Tyre had always set the "Military Product Quality" as its strict quality requirement. This time, Guizhou Tyre showed a series of "Star Products", such as truck / passenger car tires and OTR tires, on the ChinaGRTAE, attracting many visitors to view them and consult their performance. 

Guizhou Tyre's Truck / Passenger Car Tire Exhibition Booth

In this exhibition, Guizhou Tyre's Truck / Passenger Car Tire Booth displayed a variety of SPEED new generation of high-end all-steel tubeless series, large single tires, giant tires and other heavyweight products. 

SPEED new generation of high-end all-steel tubeless series included GL292A, GL293A, GL295A, GL2690 and many other products. High-quality products made transportation on wheels safer! 

The product featured all-steel tubeless tires with the following designs. The new profile design achieved a more even distribution of contact pressure and a better resistance against eccentric wear; tread cap widening and tread pattern deepening designs achieved longer driving mileage; the tire material distribution was optimized to extend the service life of the tire; the unique groove design provided better resistance against stone inclusion to the tire.

[GL292A all-steel radial tire]

[GL295A all-steel radial tire]

[GL286T all-steel radial "large single tire"]

[E-3/L-3 all-steel radial "giant tire"]

In its OTR Tire Exhibition Booth, Guizhou Tyre exhibited a variety of OTR tire products.

It was understood that OTR tires of Guizhou Tyre were very popular with engineering machinery manufacturers, including important OEMs at home and abroad such as Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., Anhui HELI Co. Ltd., KOMATSU Co. Ltd., and other large-scale engineering machinery companies. 

Many visitors came to the exhibition booths of Guizhou Tyre to consult the products, and the staff of Guizhou Staff patiently explained to the visitors. 

[Visitors come to consult the products of Guizhou Tire]

Guizhou Tyre had always adhered to the principle of "developing own distinctive products based on market trend", and constantly developed and produced new products to meet market demand, especially in military tires, special tires, OTR tires, green environment-friendly tires...The products of Guizhou Tyre had excellent resistance against puncture and eccentric wear, high-speed driving performance, outstanding off-road performance, and safety.