GL299D GL296A GL293A
Guizhou Tyre makes the transportation on wheels safer!
Reinforced carcass design increases the load-bearing capacity of the tire by 30%;
unique patented bead toe design enhances the cracking resistance of the bead toe by 30%;
enhanced crown structure increases the puncture and cracking resistance of the crown by 30%;
deepened groove design provides a longer service life of the tire;
double tread structure makes the tire have lower heat generation and superior durability;
optimized tread profile design achieves a more even distribution of grounding pressure.
  • Pattern 10.00R20 16PR 146/143 K 7.5 7.50V,8.0 278 1053 15.5 S3000, D2725 830 DG08C
  • GL659A 10.00R20 18PR 149/146 J 7.5 7.50V,8.0 278 1053 15.5 S3250, D3000 930 DG08C
  • GL659A Spec. Ply rating Load index Speed rating Measuring Rim Rim approved Inflatable section width (mm) Inflatable Outer Diameter (mm) Pattern depth (mm) Tire load (kg) Inflation pressure (kPa) Valve