GL299D GL296A GL293A
Guizhou Tyre makes the transportation on wheels safer!
Specially designed tread pattern makes the tire have a stronger holding force on the industrial and mining roads;
super-deep pattern makes the tire have longer service life;
super-thick tread bottom rubber design allows the belt and the carcass to be optimally protected while running on the industrial and mining roads;
the specially designed stone ribs on the shoulders and the thickened sidewall design effectively prevent the sidewalls from stone inclusions when the twin tires are assembled, providing the best protection for the sidewalls;
the patented super-strong bead toe design provides the tire with the best load-bearing capacity and cracking resistance.
  • Pattern 7.00R16LT 14PR 118/114 J 6.00G 5.50F 200 788 18 S1320, D1180 770 DG04C
  • GL908A 8.25R16LT 16PR 128/124 J 6.50H 6.00H,6.5 235 870 21 S1800, D1600 770 DG05C
  • GL908A 8.25R20 14PR 136/134 J 6.5 6.50T,7.0,7.00T 240 989 21.5 S2240, D2120 830 DG06C
  • GL908A 8.25R20 16PR 139/137 J 6.5 6.50T,7.0,7.00T 240 989 21.5 S2430, D2300 930 DG06C
  • GL908A 9.00R20 16PR 144/142 F 7 7.00T,7.5 259 1023 21.5 S2800, D2650 900 DG07C
  • GL908A Spec. Ply rating Load index Speed rating Measuring Rim Rim approved Inflatable section width (mm) Inflatable Outer Diameter (mm) Pattern depth (mm) Tire load (kg) Inflation pressure (kPa) Valve